with us you can!

Customer Care services

Any aspect of service operations that involves high-volume transactions is a candidate for customer care Near-shoring service delivery.

our services include:

  • Administrative contract and account management
  • Service provisioning
  • Order fulfillment
  • E-commerce transactions treatment
  • Electronic publishing
  • Records management
  • Various processes quality checks
  • Data processing, adjustments and corrections
  • Documents assignment and summarizing
  • Teleservices

what you can expect

  • proven experience in delivering customer care services in a multi-language environment
  • accurate and real-time processing of customer requests
  • customized approach to partner’s needs and fast reaction to operational requests
  • customer centric approach that aims to assure the best customer experience
  • close cooperation with our partners

business value for customers

  • significant cost savings due to low labor costs
  • delivering an average of 99 % SLA on quality and timing for several years, performance indicators which exceed contractual agreements and partner expectations
  • increased productivity per employee
  • flexibility and agility of a young, motivated team, during process changes and new requirements implementation