with us you can!

your benefits at a glance

  • excellent service quality for a very competitive price (monthly average SLAs for the measured activities at 99%, considerably above partners’ expectations)
  • high flexibility in terms of covered working hours, process changes, fast reactivity and adjustments to customer’s needs
  • proven experience and high satisfaction of our international partners, backed-up by zero escalations of major issues during over 5 years of service provision
  • highly efficient teams, with continuous improvements delivered throughout the years to our partners
  • good knowledge and experience in many fields of finance, customer care and IT
  • process improvements and optimizations pro-actively proposed and implemented for the partners, such as
    - automation for some of the handled processes (in finance & customer service areas)
    - faster than agreed handling time
    - implemented new IT development methodologies that reduced time-to-market of the developed products by 30-40%
    - developed additional tools to speed up the analysis and decision making
    - excluded overlapping activities
    - re-designed procedures and processes to cover current customers’ needs, etc.

proximity to European countries